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Miriodor - 3è Avertissement / 3rd Warning (1991) Avant-Prog (320 kbps)

Третий альбом великолепной канадской группы - и достойное продолжение и развитие идей второго, одноименного диска. Добрый и доступный, красивый и крышесъемный авант-рок с солирующим саксофоном. Наилучшие рекомендации.

Что пишут

No, this isn’t two albums on one disc ; it’s merely the French and English versions of the title. If you can deal with the gimmicky cover of the CD, the bilinguality of the song titles, and the progressively RIO bent of the music, Miriodor would be an excellent addition to your collection. Someone described them to me as « Univers Zéro in a good mood ». Lacking a better description, I’ll reuse that one. If you like the instrumental complexity and power of UZ, coupled with that band’s lack of any mainstream influence, chances are you’ll find 3rd Warning to your taste. And even if you’re a novice to the RIO sound and are looking for a place to start, Miriodor is probably the best place. They combine musical prowess and creativity with a certain amount of accessibility. While not lacking the dissonance of Henry Cow or Magma, they serve it up in smaller doses. A three piece, Miriodor consists of Pascal Globensky on piano, Sabin Hudon on sax, and Rémi Leclerc on percussion. All three double on synths. Leclerc drives home the UZ comparisons with his Denisesque classically influenced percussives. The others weave intricate melodies and counterpoint. For a threesome their sound is remarkably full - lots going on. While no individual instrument is doing blistering solos, they will impress you with mature, complex writing. Like most of my favorite bands, the emphasis is on the writing rather than the playing. The result is a tightly composed 45 minutes of excellent progressive music. I highly recommend this new Canadian band to anyone with an ear for experimentation.

Mike Borella, Panorama, Winter 1993

О диске

Track listing:

1. Transsiberien (Trans-Siberian) (5:00)
2. Langage de lezard (Lizard's Language) (2:00)
3. Garde a vaus! (Attention!) (1:44)
4. Jerusalem (4:16)
5. Cortege (Procession) (3:45)
6. Vision (3:48)
7. Entrapercu (Glimpse) (3:08)
8. Reconfort metaphysique (Solace) (2:34)
9. 3e Avertissement (3rd Warning) (4:59)
10. Debout (Standing) (4:09)
11. Viking (4:27)
12. Chute libre (Free Fall) (3:18)


Pascal Globensky: piano, synthesizer
Sabin Hudon: sax, synthesizer
Remi Leclerc: percussions, synthesizer

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