Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fred Frith - The Technology Of Tears (And Other Music for Dance) (1988) Avant-Garde (320 kbps)

Такая вот "музыка для танцев" от замечательного композитора и гитариста Фреда Фрита (я пишу тут в кавычках - а оно ведь и вправду для танцев писалось...). Диск был изначально выпущен как двойной LP, треки с четвертой стороны LP (третья часть альбома под названием Propaganda) не вошли в более позднее переиздание на CD, и сегодня мы их не услышим. На большинстве инструментов тут играет сам Фрит, помогают ему Джон Зорн, Тенко, Кристиан Марклэй и Джим Стэли.

Что пишут

"Sadness, Its Bleached Bones Behind Us," and "You Are What You Eat" are unrelenting slices of hard-edged sounds over a pulse. "The Palace of Laughter, The Technology of Tears" is an imaginative, intense, varied suite comparing music which represents the past "frozen tears" of sadness -- displayed as images before us by the media, etc. -- with the "hot tears" of the moment that cannot be absorbed by technology. "Jigsaw" and "Jigsaw Coda" (1986) creates patterns with constantly shifting accents and sub-divisions..uneven pieces to be fit together..."Propaganda" (1987) music for a theatre production is a series of brilliantly evocative soundpieces with electronics, guitar, and sound and explosions in the distance, tantric harmonizing in the desert, "A deeper understanding of conflict", "The Relentless Landscape," "The Excellent Hyena," "The Wolf Demon." With John Zorn, alto sax, Tenko, voice, Christian Marclay, turntables, Jim Staley, trombone.

"Blue" Gene Tyranny

О диске

Track listing:

A. The Technology of Tears:
1. Sadness, It's Bones Bleached Behind Us (13:18)
2. You Are What You Eat (18:45)
3. The Palace of Laughter, The Technology of Tears (10:21)
B. Jigsaw
4. Jigsaw (14:47)
5. Jigsaw Coda (3:07)

Total Time 70:18


- Fred Frith / all instruments except as noted
- John Zorn / Alto sax (1,2,3)
- Tenko / Voice (1,2,3)
- Jim Staley / Trombone (4,5)

- Christian Marclay / Turntables (1,2,3)

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Si1ver said...

Fred Frith - The Technology Of Tears (And Other Music for Dance) (1988):

ifolder: part 1 part 2
mediafire: part 1 part 2

bravojuju said...

my favorite Frith record and one my all-time favorites. lovely!!
I think you forgot to mention Christian Marclay in the musicians list.

S. said...

thanx a lot for this and "allies" which i appreciated very much!
find other "fritheries" on my blog

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