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Faust - 71 Minutes Of... (1979) Kraut-Rock (320 kbps)

Чудесный, очень психоделичный и гипнотичный альбом. Причем, гипнотичный в самом прямом смысле - треками вроде "Munic B" неподготовленного слушателя (или наоборот - подготовленного?) можно запросто вогнать в транс. Здесь и почти метрономные ритмы, и зацикленные, почти не развивающиеся куски мелодии, и психоделия, и свободные электронно-краут-роковые импровизации. И некоторое количество довольно-таки авангардных вещей.

Альбом составлен из LP "Munic & Elsewhere/Return of Legend", неизданного LP "Faust Party Three" и еще двух неизданных треков.

Что пишут

Album containing two of the band's unreleased LPs, Return of a Legend (minus one track) and Faust Party 3. During its brief existence, Faust was remarkably prolific, releasing four albums, and recording much more. The first half of this CD is actually most of the album that was to follow Faust IV (released on its own as The Last LP in 1989). The music is similar to IV, with little of the collage-effect of the early albums, instead focusing on longer, often atmospheric pieces of trancerock (if not the more pop-oriented side of the band). Recorded 1973-75.

The second half is comprised of the original Faust party tapes, some of which appeared on the official releases, in various forms, versions, etc. These were from 1971, and are good examples of the group's early style.

"Munic B" is an extended trance-rock piece, utilizing electronics and primal propulsion in much the same way as Babaluma-era Can. Faust never had the technical ability of that band, but manage to concoct a similarly otherworldly atmosphere — guitar lines race relentlessly, a horn bleats Milesesque, and the whole thing gallops into darkness far sooner than you think.

"Party 8" begins with droning distorted guitars introduce a very off-center, electro-powered groove (imagine driving a car with a square wheel, and you're almost there). Anyways, the guitar pushes forward, riffing away, when it all gets smeered by a nasty vinyl rip, and the collage police enter. After a little craziness someone tries to a speech-impaired person not to "retire", and the droning takes up again. Schizo, and would Faust have it any other way?

Dominique Leone — 8-11-00

О диске

Track listing:

1. Munic A (11:56)
2. Baby (4:53)
3. Meer (2:50)
4. Munic B (11:49)
5. Don't Take Roots (4:22)
6. Party 2 (7:05)
7. Party 8 (1:23)
8. Psalter (4:09)
9. Party 5 (4:33)
10. Party 1 (9:48)
11. Party 3 (0:43)
12. Party 6 (3:24)
13. Party 4 (4:48)

Total Time: 71:43


Werner Diermeier - drums
Hans-Joachim Irmler - organ
Jean-Herve Peron - bass
Rudolf Sosna - guitar, keyboards
Gunter Wusthoff - synthesizer, saxophone

Releases information:

LP Recommended RR25 (1979) / CD Recomended ReRF1CD / CD Recomended ReRF7CD (1996)

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Si1ver said...

Faust - 71 Minutes Of... (1979):

ifolder: part 1 part 2
axifile: part 1 part 2

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thank you -this disc has been difficult to find..
faust is fantastic!!

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