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Medeski Martin & Wood - Friday Afternoon in the Universe (1995) Post-Bop/Funk/Jam/Free Jazz (320 kbps)

Великолепный альбом, не самый простой у группы, но, вероятно, самый мой любимый. Сочетает сложную ритмику и импровизации с потрясающей мелодичностью и драйвовостью. Рекомендую, но, лучше, не для первого знакомства.

Что пишут

"MMW are a real band -- and they sound like it. Theirs are the quick improvs and spontaneous inventions that can occur when musicians with highly developed styles meet in the same space, same groove, same mind...FRIDAY AFTERNOON IN THE UNIVERSE is a very welcome next step in the evolution of music."
--Ken Micallef, Musician

"Music that travels between the cosmos and the chicken shack...the group worthily reinvestigates the fusion spirit of the 70s with a distinctly 90s vibe."
--Steve Dollar, Request

"MMW create literate, funky jazz that swings with a vengeance. Life is too short not to react with delight when something truly new and special comes along. Sing, swing, shout, make noise! Get this disc."
--Wes Phillips, Stereophile (Recording of the Month)

"Medeski, Martin & Wood deliver a high-energy, light-hearted funk-meets-avant set
by tweaking the customary organ trio lineup...Together they launch into a delightful collection of fluid tunes interspersed with free-ranging intergalactic improvisational excursions, with stopovers to the galaxies of Swing, Bebop, Hip-hop, Rock and R&B: лл л л"
--Dan Ouellette, Pulse

"Soulful as hell... The band kicks more butt on a single cut than most rock bands manage on a full-length recording."
--David Shirley, Option

"One of the most original and innovative trios in jazz today, Medeski, Martin & Wood have forged a musical idiom that is lean, muscular, urgent and mysterious...The result is music at once accessible yet harmonically profound, danceable yet never less than cerebral."
--Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

"This unusual organ trio...has carved itself a unique space between the mainstream and the avant-garde."
--George Santoro, NY Daily News

"Grooves don't get much deeper, jazz rhythms seldom get more infectious, and vamp organ can't get much funkier than on this trio's choogling new album."
--Buzz Morrison, Request

"This skeletal trio gives us an artfully formed, intelligent variation of acid jazz that is absolutely irresistible...The result is effortless and free."
--Rita Johnson, Wired

"It all adds up to an exciting kind of music that ricochets and caroms like buckshot."
--Ted Simons, Phoenix New Times

"It's safe to call FRIDAY AFTERNOON a jazz record, but this is the rubbery, psychedelic and free-flowing jazz that's been dormant since Sun Ra passed on...MM&W put twists and turns on old grooves, and hold a carefree disregard for structure that suggests jazz's future can be found within the quivering spaces of [John] Medeski's careening organ solos...Medeski, Martin & Wood have proven themselves the most invigorating instrumental trio working today."
--Steve Ciabattoni, CMJ New Music Monthly

О диске

Track listing:

1. The Lover (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - 6:19
2. Paper Bass (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - :56
3. House Mop (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - 3:46
4. Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps) (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - 7:32
5. Baby Clams (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - 1:14
6. We're So Happy (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - 8:17
7. Shack (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - 3:02
8. Tea (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - 1:12
9. Chinoiserie (Ellington) - 5:44
10. Between Two Lines (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - 1:04
11. Sequel (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - 5:24
12. Friday Afternoon in the Universe (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - 6:01
13. Billy's Tool Box (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - :35
14. Chubb Sub (Martin/Medeski/Wood) - 5:02
15. Khob Khun Krub (Thai for "Thank You") (Green) - :47
16. Pakalolo (Extra Bonus Track) - 9:25

Time 56:55


John Medeski (piano, Wurlitzer, organ, Clavinet);
Billy Martin (drums, percussion);
Chris Wood (wood flute, harmonica, acoustic bass).

Additional personnel:
Tonino Benson (vocals, sound effects);
Carl Green (Thai flute);
Danny Blume (guitar)

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Medeski Martin & Wood - Friday Afternoon in the Universe (1995):

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